I’m Doing Dewey’s Read-a-thon Again!

I participated in Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-thon as a Reader for the first time last spring.  I had so much fun then that I am setting my alarm to be in my reading chair, book in hand, at 8:00 Saturday morning, October 17, 2015 (i.e., tomorrow) to do it again.  That is the official start time for people in the Indianapolis, Indiana, USA area, which is where I am.  Some 1600+ people will participate from all over the world.

I have stacks of print books from my public library and stacks of print books that I’ve bought, plus several audiobooks on my iPhone for when I need to give my eyes a rest, plus a few audiobooks on CD in my car for when I need to pop out for food or to take some things to the post office.  Saturday is the only free day I have for the next couple of weeks so I need to do some life maintenance stuff, too.  But MOSTLY I will be reading!  Yay!

Check back to this blog and follow me on Twitter as @LibraryHope and/or on Instagram as hope.baugh for updates if you want. I am also on GoodReads as Hope Baugh but I rarely add reviews there because I don’t enjoy agonizing over how many stars to give a book.

In fact, better would be to follow the #readathon tag on Twitter and Instagram. More information about the whole thing is at www.24hourreadathon.com/.

Thanks in advance to whatever official Cheerleaders stop by this blog to leave encouraging comments.  Best of luck and happy reading to all involved!

12 thoughts on “I’m Doing Dewey’s Read-a-thon Again!”

  1. How are you getting on? Need snacks? It’s hour 4. Time for a break, coffee, hot chocolate? Move around a bit and then get back to your books!

    Chris – Team Sycamore

    1. Thanks very much for the encouragement, Chris! I’ve put the kettle on for another cup of tea and am doing fine. ‘Hope you are having a fun Readathon, too!

  2. Hey! Hope it is going well. Hard to believe it is already hour 4!! Happy reading, snacking…and drinking water (something I need to remind my own self to do)!

    1. Thanks very much for the encouragement, Deb! The hours fly by when I’m reading so I appreciate the reminder to take good care of my physical self, too. I am taking a break now to make a fresh cup of tea. Also, chocolate. ‘Hope you are having a good Readathon, too!

  3. Imagine how delighted I was to discover you were on my list of blogs to cheer at today! I didn’t know you were participating! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day of reading so far. Enjoy every minute of it!

    1. Melissa! Someone I actually know in person! How fun! You ALWAYS cheer me up, in person and online. ‘Hope you are having a wonderful readathon.

  4. Thanks very much for your encouragement, Hannah. I really appreciate it. By the way, when I clicked on your name I got a “This webpage not available” error message. Maybe that means you don’t have a blog, which is, of course, fine. In any case, I hope you are having an enjoyable readathon!

  5. Well now…here we are on the last few hours! The time really did fly! And so I say GO TEAM READATHON. Hope you are doing just what you need to do these last few hours…reading, sleeping, snacking! As for the water, yeah, someone needs to take her own advice, yeesh! Here is to a fabulous finish to the readathon!

Thanks in advance for your courteous comment.